Coming Soon: Third-Annual Poulsbo Criterium

Poulsbo TritOn June 30 Liquid Velo Cycling and the City of Poulsbo welcome you to the Third-Annual Poulsbo Criterium. This year’s race features an all new course with plenty of space to hang out and watch the action. Spend a sunny afternoon at the Valhöll Brewing beer garden and support local businesses by shopping and eating along the course while watching the best bike racing that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Details and registration information here.

LV Juniors Dominate at WSBA Time Trials

Will Cucco & Issac Juracich
Cucco and Juracich share the podium at the WSBA Time Trials.

Liquid Velo’s Junior racers dominated the podium at yesterday’s WSBA Time Trial Championships in Tenino, Washington. Will Cucco won the Junior C Boys and Issac Juracich came in second. Benjamin Juracich came in second in the Junior D Boys race and Megan Doherty also came in second in the Junior A Girls race.

Other top ten finishers at yesterday time trial include:
Adam Worobec, 4th place, Men’s Cat 3
Jeff Musser, 5th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
Jeremy Cucco, 6th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
Andy Bechtel, 9th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
Amanda Hennlein, 2nd place, Women’s Cat 3
Malia Greening, 2nd place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3 Masters

Busy Spring for Liquid Velo

Adam Worobec
Adam Worobec

Racing began in earnest for Liquid Velo last month as more than 40 riders participated in races in Washington, Oregon and California. Among the highlights this spring is Adam Worobec with four top 10 finishes, followed by Nick Zender with three, and then Megan Doherty and Jeff Musser with two each. Below are all the top 10 finishers for Liquid Velo this spring. For complete results, check our Racing page.

Icebreaker Time Trial
Megan Doherty, 5th place, Women’s Pro 1/2
Sarah Carroll, 6th place, Women’s Pro 1/2
Allison Indyk, 1st place, Women’s Cat 3
Amanda Hennlein, 3rd place, Women’s Cat 3
Lindsay Nofziger, 6th place, Women’s Cat 4/5
Karen Doherty, 6th place, Women’s Master 4/5
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Will Cucco, 4th place, Junior Boys (15-16)
Issac Juracich, 1st place, Juniors Boys (13-14)

Tour de Dung #1
Megan Doherty, 2nd place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Allison Indyk 7th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Malia Greening, 8th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Amanda Heinlein, 10th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Karen Doherty, 9th place, Women’s Cat 4/5
Dave Chipchase, 9th place, Men’s Cat 1/2
Jeff Musser, 2nd place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Tour de Dung #2
Megan Doherty, 3rd place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Aaron Reinke, 9th place, Men’s Cat 4
Alfredo Ramirez, 7th place, Men’s Cat 1/2/3
Jeff Musser, 4th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Chico Stage Race-Road Race Stage
Nicholas Zender, 9th place, Men’s Cat 2

Chico Stage Race-Overall
Nicholas Zender, 9th place, Men’s Cat 2

Independence Valley Road Race
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Jeff Musser, 7th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Pacific Raceways (4/10)
Nicholas Zender, 3rd place, Men’s Open 1/2/3
Adam Worobec, 10th place, Men’s Open 1/2/3

Vance Creek Road Race
Nicholas Zender, 5th place, Men’s Cat 1/2
Harry Edwards, 6th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
Bruce Krebs, 8th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Five Minutes with Kem Valliant-Saunders

Almost no one on Liquid Velo raced in as many events as Kem Valliant-Saunders did last season. During the 2017 season Kem took part in 35 events in all major disciplines: road, mountain bike, track and cyclocross. Kem is the consummate competitor–her teammates will tell you that she races by example, and while she’s serious about the effort, she’s always looking to keep things fun and relaxed.

Kem (short for Karine Elizabeth Margeaux) was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where she received a BS in biomolecular chemistry. Her mentor at Queen’s encouraged her to attend the University of Washington, where she got a masters degree in chemistry. She’s been in Seattle ever since. Kem has worked in research at the UW, the Benaroya Research Institute, Novo Nordisk, and Fred Hutch. She’s currently a technical sales representative for Macherey-Nagel. Kem joined Liquid Velo in January 2012 and has served on the Liquid Velo Board of Directors for four years: two years as Board Secretary and two years as Treasurer.

  • What got you interested in bike racing?
    I was helping my friend Marc train for IronMan Kona. He knew I grew up swimming competitively and thought I’d be good at triathlons, so I started biking more and enjoyed it a lot and started racing. While I’ve done a handful of triathlons and I’ve never loved them.
  • What does your training week look like in-season?
    Ha ha! I try to follow a training program, but I’m out of town so often with work! It’s actually really important to get a lot of fitness in the two months before the season and then “maintain” throughout. So I aim for 10-15 hours a week, mixing up running and cycling. I also try to do yoga at home twice a week.

I believe that you if you want to do well, you set a goal and train for it physically. After that, your mind is usually your biggest obstacle. Negative thoughts are typically what prevents someone from doing well in races.

  • How many bikes do you own?
    Five total. I sold my Scott road bike in anticipation getting a new Giant in January.
  • Marianne Vos, Chantal Blaak or Sanne Cant?
    Courtenay McFadden, she’s a local CX racer from Bellingham and (a) she’s legit good at what she does and (b) she’s super humble.
  • Chris Froome, Peter Sagan or Wout Van Aert?
    Sven Nys and his “shut up legs” attitude.
  • Seahawks, Huskies or Sounders?
    Sounders, but to be honest I don’t watch many sports or sports on TV.

The Year in Numbers: 122, 125, and 47

Over the last year, the SCCA Cycling Team participated in 122 events across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. At those events, which included road, track, cyclocross and mountain bike races, someone from the SCCA Cycling Team made the podium 125 times, including 47 first place finishes!

Last week, in appreciation for our title sponsor—Seattle Cancer Care Alliance—the team donated all of its cash winnings for the year to SCCA. The team is incredibly proud of its 10-year association with SCCA, whose mission is to provide better, longer, richer lives for cancer patients. Many thanks to SCCA, and congratulations to our racers!

Thinking About Racing with Us?

Come meet and ride with the SCCA Cycling Team on Saturday, September 30 at Leschi Park at 9:15am. SCCA Cycling is looking for new and experienced riders who want to race.

We support and develop our racers through team training rides, organized clinics, an annual three-day training camp as well as numerous other benefits and perks. We are a co-ed, primarily road-focused team with additional enthusiasm for cyclocross, track and MTB. For more information please contact us and we’ll be in touch. See you in September!

SCCA Women Dominate 2017 Cascadia Criterium Series

SCCA’s Stephanie Halamek and Allison Indyk both took first place points honors in their respective categories in the 2017 Cascadia Criterium Series, which concluded in Tacoma on Sunday. Winners were awarded points based on the results from five races held in June and July: the Poulsbou Twilight Criterium, Ballard Twilight Criterium, Volunteer Park Criterium, Redmond Derby Days Criterium and the Proctor/Tacoma Criterium. The series drew racers from all over the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 30 racers from SCCA Cycling participated in the series. Hats off to Stephanie and Allison!

Recent top ten finishes for SCCA at other events include:

Boston Harbor Circuit Race, June 24, 2017

  • William Cucco, 1st place, Junior D Boys
  • Lance French, 2nd place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
  • Allison Indyk, 2nd place, Women’s 4/5
  • Andrew Pryhuber, 10th place, Men’s Category 3

WSBA Road Racing Championships, June 17, 2017

  • Megan Doherty, 4th, Women’s Pro Category 1/2
  • Karen Doherty, 3rd place, Women’s Category 3
  • Harry Edwards, 6th place, Men Category 4/5 Masters
  • Malia Greening, 8th place, Women’s Pro Category 1/2
  • Adam Worobec, 10th place, Men’s Category 3

View links to race results as well as a list of upcoming races on our racing page.

Poulsbo is in the books!

John Ranasen and Richie Strong in pursuit at Poulsbo.

Last weekend SCCA Cycling hosted the Second Annual Poulsbo Twlight Criterium. This year’s event drew 233 racers from Washington State and Oregon (70 more than last year’s race (163)). Racers participated in eight events, including the Kids Race, in which over 20 up-and-coming racers competed.

This year SCCA Cycling had nearly 30 riders in the mix. Notable finishes included:

  • Allison Indyk: 1st place, Women’s Category 4/5 Open
  • Stephanie Halamek: 3rd place, Women’s Pro Category 1/2/3
  • Joe Smith: 8th place, Men’s Category 4/5 Open
  • Adam Worobec 10th, Men’s Category 3
  • Dave Chipchase 13th, Men’s Pro Category 1/2

View complete results here. The Poulsbo race is the first in the Cascade Criterium Series. This weekend the series moves to Ballard (Saturday) and Volunteer Park (Sunday), then travels to Redmond on July 8 and finishes in Tacoma on July 16.

Josh Crow’s second straight championship caps a busy spring for SCCA Cycling

Josh Crow atop the podium wearing the WSBA Championship jersey.

For the second year in a row SCCA’s Josh Crow won the Master’s WSBA Championship (Men’s 40+ Cat 1/2/3) on Saturday May 13th. This year’s championship was held on the Olympic View Course outside Brady, Washington. Also finishing for SCCA behind Josh in the 72-mile race was Dave Chipchase (4th place) and Jeff Gaeckle (11th).

Other notable finishes for SCCA this spring include first place finishes for Stephanie Halmek (Women’s Cat 3) and Lauren Schmidt (Women’s Cat 4/5) at the Mason Lake Road Road Race #1 as well as Alison Indyk’s victory (Women’s Cat 4/5) at the Mason Lake Road Road Race #2. In all, nearly 50 riders from SCCA have competed in events so far this year.

Follow the links below for complete spring race results:
Mason Lake Road Race #1
Mason Lake Road Race #2
Tour De Bloom Stage Race and Omnium
Olympic View Road Race
Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race