Busy Spring for Liquid Velo

Adam Worobec
Adam Worobec

Racing began in earnest for Liquid Velo last month as more than 40 riders participated in races in Washington, Oregon and California. Among the highlights this spring is Adam Worobec with four top 10 finishes, followed by Nick Zender with three, and then Megan Doherty and Jeff Musser with two each. Below are all the top 10 finishers for Liquid Velo this spring. For complete results, check our Racing page.

Icebreaker Time Trial
Megan Doherty, 5th place, Women’s Pro 1/2
Sarah Carroll, 6th place, Women’s Pro 1/2
Allison Indyk, 1st place, Women’s Cat 3
Amanda Hennlein, 3rd place, Women’s Cat 3
Lindsay Nofziger, 6th place, Women’s Cat 4/5
Karen Doherty, 6th place, Women’s Master 4/5
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Will Cucco, 4th place, Junior Boys (15-16)
Issac Juracich, 1st place, Juniors Boys (13-14)

Tour de Dung #1
Megan Doherty, 2nd place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Allison Indyk 7th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Malia Greening, 8th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Amanda Heinlein, 10th place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Karen Doherty, 9th place, Women’s Cat 4/5
Dave Chipchase, 9th place, Men’s Cat 1/2
Jeff Musser, 2nd place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Tour de Dung #2
Megan Doherty, 3rd place, Women’s Cat 1/2/3
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Aaron Reinke, 9th place, Men’s Cat 4
Alfredo Ramirez, 7th place, Men’s Cat 1/2/3
Jeff Musser, 4th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Chico Stage Race-Road Race Stage
Nicholas Zender, 9th place, Men’s Cat 2

Chico Stage Race-Overall
Nicholas Zender, 9th place, Men’s Cat 2

Independence Valley Road Race
Adam Worobec, 6th place, Men’s Cat 3
Jeff Musser, 7th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

Pacific Raceways (4/10)
Nicholas Zender, 3rd place, Men’s Open 1/2/3
Adam Worobec, 10th place, Men’s Open 1/2/3

Vance Creek Road Race
Nicholas Zender, 5th place, Men’s Cat 1/2
Harry Edwards, 6th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters
Bruce Krebs, 8th place, Men’s 4/5 Masters

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