SCCA notches two wins at Pacific Raceways

SCCA’s Lauren Schmidt and Allison Indyk (at right) finished first in their respective races in this season’s first race at Pacific Raceways. In the women’s cat 4 race, Schmidt, led out by teammate Kara Wilder, attacked with 400 meters from the finish to claim her first victory. Wilder finished fifth. In the women’s cat 5 race, Indyk easily crushed the 13-woman field to win her race. Emily Alexander finished eighth in the woman’s cat 3 event.

The men’s 4/5 category was split into two fields. Lance French finished sixth the Evens split and Gian Vito finished fifth in the Odds split. In all, 14 riders from SCCA competed last weekend’s event. View complete race results here.

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