Rider Development

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Cycling takes pride in having every rider, regardless of experience, having full confidence in their skills, fitness, and abilities by the time they line up for their first race of the season.

Team Training Rides 

Organized team-led training rides are held every Saturday from October thru February. Team members of all categories and disciplines ride together to build pack riding confidence, safe bike handling skills and develop team camaraderie.

Skills & Drills

Corner drills payin offIncorporated within the team rides throughout the off-season are a variety of drills to help build rider skills with on-the-bike coaching and mentoring with senior team members.


Clinics are held throughout the year for all riders to practice fundamentals and learn advanced topics in bike handling and race tactics. Upper category riders will also have the opportunity to work with professional coaches and athletes in a small-group environment so they can share their knowledge throughout the team in clinics and one-on-one mentor relationships.


 Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Cycling’s membership includes riders with many years of  racing experience at all levels of competition and we want to share that with  you! Ingrained with Teammatesin our team culture is sharing knowledge with one  another, encouragement and support as racers meet their own goals for  success and progress in their racing careers.

Weekly Team Riding